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Why Your Website Needs A Complete Makeover?

Posted in Marketing

It is a major flaw if your website doesn’t include a blog. For blogs have evolved since it was first introduced several years back, it is important you have one too. If your website gives all the technical information in a strict and formal way, blogs connect with people instantly because of their informal touch. Most people find blogs very comfortable as almost everyone these days is a potential blogger himself/herself. A blog allows you to keep in touch with your customers easily as communication on the blog is very transparent. It doesn’t involve any formal approach compared to that of a website. So blogging is the most important attribute of web designing. Make sure your website has a link to your blog.


Provided you have a tracker installed on your website to keep track of the visitors, you should keep an eye on the analytics. If the visitors are not sticking on your website long enough and leave only after a few seconds, then it is high time you took a look at your content properly. If the content is not impressive, if it has any grammatical errors, if the font and colour are too disturbing, if it doesn’t give all the important information, if it doesn’t keep your readers engaged, if it doesn’t involve images and pictures, make sure you give a complete makeover to the content posted. Impressive visual accents such as titles and pictures are very important in web design. Do not ignore them.

One way to market your products and services is through marketing materials like brochure and flyers.