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Why You Should Avoid Water Skiing When Pregnant

Posted in Health & Fitness

Water skiing is one of the popular water sports around the globe. The adrenaline rush that it gives is truly one of a kind. However, one must be less active in this water sport during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should be aware of the following facts.

Prohibited during the last trimester

The last trimester of the pregnancy demands more care and caution. As you move along with your pregnancy you can perceive a gradual loss of balance. Weight of the body also undergoes change. The unequal distribution of weight makes you more accident prone. The inner lining of the uterus is capable of protecting the baby very well. No less than a severe car accident or a vital trauma can injure the child. But if you are eager to enjoy the ecstasies of this water sport and have a fall, then nothing short of a miracle can save you.

Psychological aspect

During pregnancy women are constantly warned about falling. As a result a fear starts brewing in most of them. It is observed that scare and defensive attitude makes a person to bend backwards. It is a dangerous posture for a skier. A sudden fall can not be ruled out entirely. No one can deny that a healthy and relaxed mind is essential for the enjoyment of this sport. Your inability to concentrate can lead you to a disaster. Grey thinking is important to take care of the nuances of the game. Water skiing just like the wakeboarding involves physical effort. Dehydration and over strain are the unavoidable outcome of this sport. So take care of these.

You can indeed enjoy using your water skis after  you have fully recovered from giving birth.

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