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Why Vehicle Wrapping Is Better Than A Painting Job

Posted in Marketing

According to the experts, outdoor advertising is one of the best ways to market your business. Well, of course this does not mean that the other types of advertising are not effective though if you want to make sure that your business will be well advertised, you should also consider this type of advertising. Most of the time though when you say outdoor advertising; you will automatically think the banners and different types of signages and of course they are helpful as well. But if you want to use something that is really proven to be effective, you should incorporate vehicle advertising. With your company logo perfectly incorporated in the vehicle, there is no way that those who will come across with it cannot turn their heads towards it. The good thing when you will use a vehicle to market your business is it can reach out to most of your consumers that might have been missed by the other types of advertising. 

When using a vehicle to market a business, you have two options like you can have it wrapped or painted. But if you are looking for suggestions, I highly recommend having it wrapped. Here are the reasons why:

Car Wraps


- In the cost alone, the difference is already huge since a quality paint job can cost you about 2k to 10 k while I car wrapping, you only get to spend $500 to 5k and this can already last up to 8 years. As this is for business, the capital outlay is important as you need to compute your ROI.

- When you are using a vehicle to market your business, surely you will not buy a new one and instead, will probably use just an old car in which cracks and dents are already obvious. However, with the vinyl wrapping, all of the existing imperfections will be completely covered and at the same time, your vehicle will then be protected from the harsh effects of the changing weather.

- If you are not running any kind of business, you can still have your vehicle wrapped if you are bored with its plane look. With vinyl wrapping, your options for the designs are almost unlimited and you can turn your car into something fabulous.

- Vinyl wrapper can also be removed easily thus if it will already start to look shabby as it is constantly exposed to the harshness of the environment, you can easily replace it with a new design and it would be like you are having a new car again.

- And lastly, if you are planning to sell your vehicle, seeing that it is vinyl wrapped will make the buyer assume that the original paint is properly maintained.

Indeed compared to a painting job, vinyl wrapping is much better. So, whether you will use your vehicle for advertising or you simply want it to have a new look, you should have it vinyl wrapped and for sure your vehicle will really have that exotic look!

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