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Why the call for Concrete Core Drilling?

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Concrete Core Drilling is a job that is in demand in the construction industry. Almost all fields may involve the need for such job. May it is in telephony, petroleum, mining, plumbing and electrical; they all would need to drill in concrete walls, floors or ceilings in some cases.

Concrete Core Drilling as discussed is in demand, for the reason being that it is not a skill that you learn overnight. Using a core drill requires years of experience and exposure to get the expertise and skill to operate in such. In most countries, they may be required to complete certain certificates and training to even be allowed to operate and do the job.

Concrete Core Drilling will involve a power tool, such that are operated by high powered electric motors, pneumatic or hydraulic motors that drive sharp drill bits that could cut thru the hardest elements such as cement or concretes, asphalts and stone; bits that are embedded with sharp diamonds that literally slices thru those hard compound.

Operating a core drill is not an easy job, deadly as it is, reasons the operator need to have extensive knowledge and exposure to do the job. In this line of work, accuracy is as much important as knowing how to operate it. Yes, you know how to drill, well, everyone does, may not be core drilling on a bigger scale, but what separates a good core driller from others is that they know how to anchor to achieve that perfect grinding or Concrete Core Drilling.

Apart from skills and expertise in anchoring, the rigger ‘operator’ or driller, must know how to operate the drill according to the required power needed, it should be monitored and maintained at the right speed and power by knowing how to read the gauges to assure that motor is running at optimum level, else, overheating the motor could happen if motor is maxed out, reason for downtime and loss of man hours, which is obviously not something any company would want. In addition to that, the bit has different specifications, thus knowing the right bit to use is essential for Concrete Core Drilling.

Lastly; as it looks, it may not be much of importance but water plays a huge role in Concrete Core Drilling, as it helps cool down the bit while grinding thru those hard elements. Knowing the amount of water is needed while rigging is as important as how to drill.