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Why Proper Segregation of Wet and Dry Waste is Important?

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In order to achieve a hygienic community, everyone should actively participate in promoting cleanliness. Part of the waste management is the proper segregation of waste. This will surely be a big help in reducing the waste. Thus, one has to follow waste segregation and divide the waste into dry and wet waste to attain the following benefits.

Regular clearance is possible with controlled dumping

Segregating the waste into dry and wet waste with the use of Skip bins rental at all times makes the clearance process quick and easy. As the waste would have been isolated well beforehand, they can be sent to the landfills without much monitoring and thus saves a lot of time and money for the authorities managing waste segregation. This also gives ample opportunity to the waste disposal companies to regularly conduct spot checks at various places which will help in controlled dumping of waste and optimal utilization of the resources. 

Easy transportation of waste

While some wastes like reusable plastic or organic waste can be of some benefit, waste like hazardous metals and glass cannot be recycled and hence has to be disposed off into far off places. Waste segregation makes this process easier and less cumbersome. This way, the organic waste can be used in the form of a compost or making bottles and non usable waste can be transported into areas on the outskirts of the city and buried deep inside or can be burnt in order to reduce pollution and damage caused to the environment. This also confirms that the waste is disposed off legally with the permission of the waste disposal company and the roads and pathway will be devoid of any waste.