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Why it Helps to Hire an Independent Inspector instead of an Agency

Posted in Construction & Renovation

People always face this dilemma about whom to hire – an agency or an independent inspector. If you are building a home with lot of care, then you should also ensure that building inspection is done by someone who is equivalently careful. It is advisable to hire Pest and building Inspectors. While there’s a lot of debate around this topic; the fact is independent inspectors are slightly better than an agency. This doesn’t mean agencies don’t have quality inspectors – but only that the independent ones are slightly better. There are some of the reasons in favour of an independent home inspector.

They are not influenced by 3rd parties

 As the independent ones are not doing the job on behalf of someone, they are expected to be honest and neutral. If you are hiring one for a second opinion, or to file a report to a legal firm, you can trust independent ones. They are not representing anyone, and can do an honest job reviewing the house. They are not influenced by 3rd parties either. They do their job for themselves, and give a firm report at the end. This is not possible by someone who is coming on behalf of an agency – as they may be biased towards their agency.

They have strong referrals

There are a lot many agencies in Australia and you can surf the net for more information. However, if you are looking to hire an independent inspector for your building inspection project, you can’t find them very easily. You will have to search a bit, ask for referrals and read reviews.