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Why Carpet is Not a Good Idea for Wooden Floors

Posted in Construction & Renovation

One of the best type of flooring is the wooden floor because of its durability, environmental profile, and restorability features. Some people opt to cover their wooden floors with carpets, which is not at all a good idea, because carpets are not suitable on wooden floors. Let’s find out why you should not opt to put carpets on wooden floors.

Lack of Hygiene

If you are allergic to dust, you should never get your wooden floors covered with carpets. At the time of cleaning carpets, you might become victim of several kinds of allergies, because over a period of time, carpets become warehouse of dust and start accumulating harmful virus and bacteria on their surface. To avoid this, you can hire a commercial cleaning service to keep it hygienic.


Covering your expensive wooden floors with expensive carpets is not a logical idea. You will be doubling your cost of flooring without getting any significant benefit. If you want to cover your floors with carpets, you can do that on concrete or other unattractive floorings. Carpets over wooden floorings will not be a judicious decision. You can just place your carpet on the other part of your home – bedroom or even on a hallway. Just see to it that is being maintained by professional carpet cleaners once in a while.

Accumulation of Mould

Wooden flooring might get covered with mould, should you cover that with carpets. Mould, which is natural foe of wooden materials, grows more in humid or moist environment. Wooden floors covered with carpets will stop the flow of open air to wooden floors, and therefore will make the area below carpets moist. Moisture will encourage the formation of mould, which will not only damage wooden floor, but will also damage the surface beneath carpets. In addition to that, mould will make carpets stinky, and hence will make it difficult for you to live in the rooms.

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