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Why Broken Pipe Can Be A Cause Of Blocked Drains?

Posted in Construction & Renovation

A major but overlooked reason of Blocked drains in North Brisbane can be broken pipes. It is sometimes observed in Australia that roots of some aged tree may extend underground in such a way that installed pipe may get broken which cause an interruption of water flow. As a consequence the water get logged or stagnant and the drain get blocked. It is advised that whenever you do the installation of pipes be careful and investigate the surrounding place for tree roots.

Heavy storm and rains

It is quite often and usual in that heavy rains may with heavy storms flows down the leaves and other materials with the flow of waters. This water actually poured down to the main drains which also taking away the leaves and other objects. Naturally the blocked drains can cause the water logged or stagnant.

The water log may cause flood and different properties may get damaged. Even stagnant water may be a reason of different diseases. So it is better if you inform the council of your borough in Australia to clean the main drains while it rains heavily along with storm.

You have to keep in mind that some blocked drains can easily be cleaned by yourself only with the help of a wrench or plunger. Moreover if you can be a little bit cautious and careful while using your toilets and kitchen at home and office as well, you can save a major blockage of drains.

If you need someone to fix your hot water system, call a plumber.