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WHS – Employer Responsibilities

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WHS Acts and Regulations were developed to protect workers in their workplaces. The aim was to ensure all workers get the best working environment and that they are not exposed to any risks. To do this, businesses are expected to include the Work, Health and Safety regulations in their business plan. Legislative regulations change from time to time, therefore it is best to have WHS consultants to manage all your safety related issues. Topping your list of consultancy service should be Work Life Smart Systems (WLLS). We are known to have the best WHS consultants in Australia. Our team is very experienced and will do all it takes to ensure your employees feel safe and enjoy their place of work. To start, we will break down the WHS regulations and give you a few responsibilities you are expected to play as an employer;

• You are expected to provide your employees with adequate facilities and a clean environment. Some of the basics include clean water, clean toilets, well-maintained eateries and above standard furniture.

• As part of the hiring process, you should train your workers on common hazards and how to use various facilities in your business area. For professional training, you should contact our WLLS team.

• Write down and implement policies for safe handling of any harmful substances in your place of business. All the employers shouldn’t be allowed to handle chemicals or machinery.

• You should provide and maintain a safe place of work. The design of your infrastructure should be put considered here. Things like fire exits and emergency doors should be available. Machinery should be serviced occasionally to ensure they work perfectly to avoid any accidents due to faulty systems.

• You should hire professional WHS consultants to verify that your place of work is safe for employees. Breaching of any regulations is very costly, therefore; it is better safe than sorry. With qualified consultants, you will never have to worry about any case of breaching. This is not part of the regulations provided, but it is as important.

These are just basic regulations you are expected to adhere to. The WHS regulations are meant to make everyone feel safe; therefore as an employer, you shouldn’t feel pressured. If you are looking for WHS consultants, you should probably check the WHS consultants and learn about all the services they provide. Our team is very experienced and will go to great heights to ensure the safety of your employers and that of your business.