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When You Have To Deal With Car Dealers

Posted in Cars & Motoring

There is no denying that car dealers don’t have the commendable reputation. It seems that the moment you say to a friend that you are about to deal with one, trust that he will always have something to see like some warnings and so on. Yes, car dealers are known to be unscrupulous like they are about to fleece you. But to be fair, they are just doing their job and who knows, you will do the same if you are in their position. However, it is also good to be cautious so as if you need car, you will at least end up with a fair bargain. That is what every consumers only want, not to be tricked with car dealers. But first of all, you should know though that there are other ways in getting a car though if you want the car that urgently, then there is no other way but to deal with car dealers. 

Let’s just take it that the rumours about car dealers are true, then you definitely need these tips below:


- The best thing to put car dealers to their places is to be prepared. Make them see that you have done your homework and you will never be intimidated by them. Before going there, you should have a car in your mind already and don’t ask for their opinion as you are certainly inviting them to interfere. Decide beforehand if you are going to buy a new or used car. If you will get a used car, trust that they will try to offer you a number of add-ons like extended warranties and some other seem to be helpful services. Just one thing though, all of these add-ons come with a fee thus think clearly if you will really need them.

- Another thing, you must get to friendly with them that you end up telling them about yourself more than you need to. Note that car dealers are highly trained to speak pleasingly until they will gain your trust enough to get to know you better so that by then, they will have ideas on how to end up with the car in their terms. And you must never let them know how urgent your need is for a car.

- Always in still in your mind that car dealers will always find a way to get more money for the car and it is also your goal to get the car in the best possible price. So, when you are in the shop, stick to what you need and what you think you should be bargained for the car only. They might try to offer you with some other services, but only consider those that you need and not because you are convinced by them.

Again, there are other ways to get a car thus it is best not to check a car dealership the same day that you need one. However, if this can’t be avoided, then be wise and deal with VW Tweed Heads cautiously.


Visit a car detailer once in a while for your car maintenance.