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When to Replace the Roof Of Your House?

Posted in Construction & Renovation

If you find shabby dark stains on the roof, they are an indication of serious damage happening to the shingles. Shingles are covered by a layer of small granules, which protect them against the harmful rays of sun.

But when the dark stains start appearing, it means that sun has damaged the safety layer on the shingles completely, and the roof has started deteriorating. Roof replacement is the only option to deal with such a situation.

You need to know when you should consider replacing your roof, rather than getting it repaired.

Curved or Bent Shingles

If you notice curved, bent or deformed shingles in the ventilation area, chances are high that these affected shingles will damage the shingles of the roof as well. Replacement is the best solution. You can call commercial roof painters to inspect the area and give you an expert opinion about it.

Safety Concern

Apart from all other signs, there is one strong concern, which can be resolved only through replacement. And that is, your requirement of making your roof safer than before. 

As asphalt roofs are not resistant against rough or challenging weather conditions, you can replace them with metal roofing. You can get a decent insurance cover against the roofing material, provided that the material is of high quality.

Roof painter Brisbane contractors recommend metal roofing as the best safety guard, against all the harsh weather conditions. Moreover, metal roofing can get you an insurance cover, having very low premiums.

Solar electricity coming from the sun is an environmental friendly way of producing the electricity we need at home or in office. This is made possible through the use of solar panel.

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