When Do You Need to Rewrite Your Will

There are circumstances when when we need to rewrite our will. In such situation, it is better for you to consult your will and estate lawyer.

After the Divorce

Estate rights do not exist after the completion of the separation agreement. A separation agreement becomes valid after it is signed. The Agreement will become meaningless if one of the party dies before signing the fully negotiated agreement.

There are some instances that divorce takes place after the execution of the will. In such, cases the wife does not remain a legal heir. The will needs to be revised in such scenario. If it is not done then the terms and conditions of the former will will prevail.

However, if changes in the will were made before the commencement of the Divorce procedure, then the whole issue will be considered from a different point of view.

Elective Share

Elective Share determines what percentage of the spouse’s estate one is entitled to get. The percentage is dependent on whether one has children or not. A change in the will is suggested when one is going through a divorce.


A new will must be drafted in case of marriage. If one dies without a will, then the spouse can not claim anything. The birth of a child also necessitates drafting or revision. Grandchildren are considered as legal heirs so the Will must be revised to include their name.


A will becomes ineffective without the appointment of an executor. In the event of the death of the executor,the client must provide another executor and revise the document.

A will and estate lawyer  must be present during the execution of a will. It must be carefully reviewed from time to time. This will enable a person to avoid future complications

Premarital agreement is necessary for couples who would like to protect themselves when they decided to have a divorce.

If you think there’s due reason why a will should not be executed, then find consult a lawyer for contesting a will.