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What You Need to Discuss with Your Wedding Photographers

Posted in Services

Wedding photography has become very fashionable of late and there are scores of wedding photographers vying for your business. However going ahead and hiring the first wedding photographer you meet will be foolhardy. Always check out at least three or four wedding photographers and grill them on certain preset criteria to understand their suitability. Hire only when you are absolutely comfortable and sure about all the terms and conditions.

Check who will do the Actual Photography

In many cases, large studios arrange for prospective clients to talk to their sales team instead of the actual photographers. However, each photographer has his/her own unique style and talking to a sales team will never give you a feel of the actual person. This is why you must insist on talking to the very photographer who will do your photo-shoot. Stay away from studios that have several photographers, one of who will ‘definitely land up’ at the right time! It is very important that you feel comfortable with your photographer otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a natural look on your big day. 

Check the Technical Aspects

Always clarify technical basics beforehand to avoid disappointments later on. Do not hesitate to ask how many photographs will be taken in total and how many of those will be available to you for selection. It is usual for wedding photographers to shoot approximately five hundred exposures at a wedding but not all of them will be good enough for final printing. Know beforehand how much time you will get to select your shots from the negatives and how long it will take for the final album to arrive.