What To Look For In A Camper Trailer

This is not the piece for those whose idea of a vacation is rolling in five-star hotels and doing all the obvious stuff that everyone does. It is for real freaks, those who don’t mind driving on rough terrain (with a camper trailer on the back) to reach the often overlooked countryside just for the fun of it.

Camper trips are a wonderful experience. However, purchasing a camper trailer is a decision that should be well-thought-of. Read on to know what to look for in a trailer:

• Stone Guards—Rough terrain is part of what make many petrified fellows find camper tours stressful. These stones make the journey rocky and sometimes if stepped on by the camper trailer, they may flick up and break your car’s rear window. That’s why it is important to have a dependable stone guard well-fitted at the front of the trailer. In most cases, they are an added cost but they’ll prove handy.

• Convenience—This has to do with how long you need to assemble and take down the camper trailer. In most cases, it’s always a two- or three people job to set up and take down. For example, the wind-up trailers can be erected in a very brief time by one person. However, they are costlier than swing-out camper trailers.

• Towing Ability –It’s important to know how much weight your car can comfortably tow before you make the blunder of buying a camper trailer that’s heavier than your car. It is also wise to mind the condition and age of your car. After the checkup, if you are still doubtful if the car will manage to tow your camper trailer, confirm with your auto mechanic for expert advice.

• Mattresses—For the record, many people prefer a camper trailer over a tent is because of the cosy bedding. It’s a clever idea to check the mattress that comes with your trailer and get better options if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

• Off-Road Ability—If you plan to drive off-road, your trailer should have a heavy-duty structure, with a hitch, suspension, tyres and brakes as the key features. Whilst these will come with extra costs, it’s important to have them for a better off-road experience.

• Kitchen—If you love cooking you might want a swing-out kitchen with sink, running water, gas stove, food cooler and food preparation. What else do you need? Kitchens come as extras but if you can stretch your budget, you won’t regret your decision.

With all these listed features, you can’t ignore your personal taste and, of course, the reason why you are buying. Other factors like the size also matter a lot. Family guys will have to go an extra mile.

You must also understand and accept that added accessories come with extra charges but they offer utmost comfort. Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It’s not any different with camper trailers.