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What to Consider When Installing Water Heater During The Holiday Season

One of the busiest time of the year is during the holidays. Some of your kith and kin will probably visit your home. Before holidays arrived, you should already check stuff like your water heater. Contact an Emergency plumber to help you with this. Consider the following points first.

Time taken

You should also ask about the time it will take the plumber to install a water heater. You will be busy during the holiday season. You won’t really want to wait at home – for your plumber to install – while your friends are all out. You also can’t ignore the installation as it’s pretty much an integral part of everyday life. So, check Hot water Systems in  Canberra which take very less time in installing.

Energy Savings

You should definitely save energy – not just to save electricity, but also to save more for your holiday spending. Look for good quality heaters with highest energy saving rating. If you don’t find one within your budget, then make sure you are going with, one which is not bad either. Good water heaters can save up to 40% of your electricity bills. This will go a long way ensuring we’re contributing towards a better planet.


If your bathroom or the area near it is pretty small, you can go for tank-less water heaters. While regular water heaters take almost 9 square feet of area, tank-less water heaters are a good option as they can be fixed to the wall as well. Before selecting one, make sure you know the area specifications well. Buy a heater accordingly. You should keep more space for your guests to take a bath rather than dedicating everything to install the heater.