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What Pest Control Strategies Can I Apply in My Home?

Pests are minor animals that appear harmless but can greatly affect not only the humans but also their food and living conditions. Examples of pests include microorganisms and parasites such as mosquitos known for their Ross River virus and Murray Valley encephalitis, cockroaches, caterpillars, and grasshoppers that attack and feed on cooked food, vegetables and cereal crops.

Additionally, there are those that damage stored food like the rats and mice that are notorious grain silo and rice feeders also contaminating the food with faeces droppings and urine. Such need to be controlled.

It can be hard to mitigate pest from our environment but certainly, it is possible for them to be controlled. The control of these pests may or may not need a professional understanding of their sequence as they could involve simple methods

So, what are the pest control strategies one can apply?

The most efficient way to keep away pests from our homestead is ensuring high standards of hygiene.

For example, to keep away cockroaches from your homestead, you only need to ensure that you keep everything in your house clean especially your kitchen, as they come around to get food. Unclean utensils, with food remains, are a great catalyst to allow cockroaches to breed. The only price you have to pay is to ensure the utensils are cleaned. I guess that’s not hard, is it?

Mosquitos survive mostly in moisture environment and such must be avoided especially in or around you compound if mosquitos will be mitigated.

Through inspection, specific breeding grounds for pests can be identified. Identifying those pest preferred sites means that you can control their breeding and hence reduce pests in your environment.

For successful inspection of those areas, pest inspectors need to be trained and have experience in the job. An inspector will also make necessary recommendations on way forward after the inspection. s/he also keeps mandatory records (required by the law) about the affected areas that can serve further vices. 

When pests have already inhabited your environment, application of pesticides is a good pest control option for killing and reducing pests. The good thin with pesticides is that you can buy and use them yourself. For this, you must ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are precisely followed as some are dangerous such as the rodent pesticides.

Moreover, during an inspection, the pest inspector can use the appropriate pesticide on the required pests breeding ground.

Regardless of the pest control strategy applied, it is imperative for a follow-up to be enhanced to ensure the pests do not reemerge.

Seeking advice from the EPM Pest Management will surely help you a lot.