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What Home Décor Items cannot be easily Shipped to Australia?

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Australia has extensive quarantine restriction for importing many items from across the world. These items are distinctly listed in the government website which needs to be referred to before sending gifts or importing wares to Australia. The shipping companies do not assume any responsibility for quarantine restrictions and leave it to you for arranging the treatment and removal of the goods.

Many items which are imported carry risks of diseases and pest and are subjected to quarantine checks. Shipping to Australia need to be undertaken with care and the importer need to be aware of the quarantine and trade restrictions before embarking on the program. Home décor items which are plant and animal based are one of the highly sought after but are also subjected to checks. The items include,


Most of the handicrafts which are plant based like wreaths and decorations containing pine cones, bark, moss straw etc are strictly prohibited. These carry dangerous weds, diseases and other problems and should be avoided. Australia is proud of its ecological purity and bio diversity and takes extra care not to upset the natural balance. You need to ensure that the items are cleaned without any soil or organic residues. Your packing material also need to similarly checked before shipping and ensure that each package has itemized the contents to help the authorities to verify the items without any problem.

Harmful weapons

Knives, daggers and even nun chucks are prohibited and should be referred for special permission. It is strictly prohibited to import fire arms and even antique guns and bullets are not allowed without permission. Inflammable items like paints, thinners, fireworks, solvents etc are also banned for safety reasons.