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What does TRF do?

Posted in Health & Fitness

TRF stands for Tripolar radio frequency which is responsible for enhancing the metabolic decomposition of large fat granules. Ultrasonic sound waves enter the body and rupture fat cells while TRF breaks down the fat to create an immediate visual effect. A measured amount of heat enters the dermal layer which causes degradation of fat.

The skin is pulled back and you can see an immediate reduction in the fat stores. The metabolic activity of fibroblasts increase simultaneously and new amounts of collagen fibers are produced. The Radio frequency layer enters the inner dermal layer of the skin and causes thickening while erasing wrinkles and improving skin contour. After repeated sessions of ultra sound cavitation you will find younger, plumper and firmer looking skin.

What is lipolysis and how does it work?

The lipolytic treatment further assists in the fruitful degradation of fat cells by combining the effects of ultra sound cavitation and mono radio frequency. Triglycerides are excreted at an increased rate by the body when lypolysis occurs. Cellulite is mostly stored in the sub dermal layer of the human body and this is what gives skin the ugly orange peel appearance. Powerful mono polar RF ray directly enter the sub dermal layer where they start working on three functions.

Firstly they keep shortening the existing fibers which tighten and firm the skin. Secondly they push the fibroblasts to keep producing new collagen which in turn lifts the skin. Thirdly cavitation and RF rays both stimulate the release of fat cells into the blood stream so that they can be processed and decomposed by the metabolism of the body.