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What Are The Types Of Fly Screen Doors

Posted in Home Maintenance

The invention of security screens have in a bigger part helped the Australians live peacefully free from intrusion. Most houses are fitted with insect proofed doors to help provide a clear air circulation and sunlight. The proofing capacity is broader enough to keep at bay any kind of flies and insects such as pests and bees among others.

Insect screening doors come in different shapes and varieties. Some are versatile and dual purpose, durable enough to withstand harsh environments. You can find the standard fly screen doors, heavy duty insect screen door, two way insect screen door, fly and insect security doors, and patio fly and insect screen doors.

Standard Screen doors are aluminum gauged and have been the best for home users. They are also ideal for houses built in industrial areas with very minimal movement .Installation is simple and does not require grills for protection but it can be fitted with mesh. This standard mesh can be customized into sizes and fittings that best suit you. You can always find these doors in either brown or white color attached with self-closer feature.

On the other hand, you can go for heavy duty doors which are durable and has been the ideal door screening choice for many Australians. A heavy duty screen door is commonly used in areas with heavy traffic and can provide required ventilation. They are always supported with grilles made up of aluminum to strongly offer a rigid door covering. These types of insect and fly screen doors come with stainless mesh to purge them away. They are also decorative with permanent grilles for protection.

If you are looking for screen doors customized for a particular opening, then the two way insect screen is the best choice. They are always installed in fire exit doors and are designed to meet the requirements of fire laws. This type of door is flexible and can easily open in times of fire outbreak. It has a sealing frame to protect you from any kind of insects and flies. Installation type is always permanent and removing it could be a hard nut to crack. It is called a two way doors because it opens freely from either side.

Another insect proof door ideal for domestic users is the security screen doors. It has fittings applicable in all fronts and rear doors of all different width. The outer frameworks of these doors are fastened with strong door jambs to provide a long lasting protection from flies.