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Posted in Marketing

A website’s effectiveness is measured by how successful it is in building brand value and expanding customer base. Any reputable web design company should be able to show you with fact, figures and referrals how they have been able to make a difference to their existing customer’s websites on these two parameters. You must know how they determine the success of the sites created by them i.e. by measuring the bounce rates, traffic flow, search engine results, conversions etc. or any other method.

Who Owns the Final Product?

This is topmost important as you wouldn’t want to pay for a website whose copyright you don’t own. While ownership may seem obvious (as it’s YOUR site) there are companies that design sites and charge a licensing fee for its use.

Who will do the Actual Work?

Don’t get swayed by persuasive sales people. It’s their job to convince clients and hide the flaws of their own company. Always insist on meeting the actual individual or design team who will be doing the work. Understand THEIR expertise, exposure, skill and design ideas. Your will not want to entrust your website to a design company that does most of its work through outsourcing or freelancers. Or else, you should at least meet the person in charge of your project.

How do they Charge for Projects?

As the customer, you have a right to understand if the costs are commensurate with the services provided. The estimate you receive should clearly mention the number of people and man-hours to be devoted to your project. It should also mention about any additional charges to be paid in case of extra work or deviation from the original project and how such a charge is calculated.