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Wearable Tips To Invest In Those Clothes With Stripes

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Stripes look great by themselves. However, if you choose to accessorize your clothing, pick chains and earrings that compliment the stripes. This is where the size, colour and style of your accessories matter.

For instance, a simple striped tee-shirt would look great with a plain coloured bag of the same or contrasting colour. However, if both have stripes, you’d be making a severe fashion faux pas.

Choose a cut and style that compliments you

Every woman has a different body structure, while shopping for women’s clothing online or even otherwise you can actually turn that into an advantage. A woman with a skinny near straight frame would look great with dresses and tee-shirts that sport vertical stripes. One with a pear shaped body would probably look better with full sleeve tops that sport horizontal stripes for instance.

You can always seek the advice of friends and colleagues when you look for particular striped clothing so that you opt for only those that suit you.

Opt for Dresses

Sometimes a dress with colourful stripes can actually make for a good choice. Dresses in fact won’t make you look any wider, as women that’s a great plus point. Simple A-line dresses with straight stripes will actually portray a much leaner frame.

Jackets and Coats

Chunky jackets or coats with your sleek cocktail dress can cheapen your look no end. Buy a coat that can double as a dressy evening jacket if you can’t afford a separate jacket. A chic wool go-with-everything black jacket can do the trick. There are of course other alternatives like a faux fur coat which are cheaper.

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