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Ways In Registering A Business Name

Posted in Business Technology


The government are requiring every business to be registered. Well, this is not really something that you can neglect though sad to say that just like the usual, there are lawbreakers thinking they are above the law. However, just like the movie said, no one is above the law and don’t try to be one. We all know that setting up a business is already a great ordeal aside from the fact that it is expensive. If you will be found out that you run a business illegally, trust me, the government will not go easy on you as they will make you an example so that others will learn through you. You will surely be heavily penalized and there is even a good chance that your business will be closed down for a period of time. So, there goes your investment.

Unless you are using your name as your business name, you should register your business and if you have no idea, you can check for information online and you can also check down below:

- First thing you will do is make an account in ASIC connect website. Note that without an account, you can’t start registering your business name.



- Another thing that you must have is the ABN number. You must also know how to get one as without this, it is also impossible to register a business. Yes, registering a business is quite complicated especially that you need to check first if the name you are about to register is not yet used by others. Anyway, you will not be successful if the name is already taken and in fact, that is also one of the benefits of registering a business name, the fact that your name will not be used by others.

- You will then be asked to select the registering period like if you will have one year or three years. If you will choose the three year period, then you won’t be bothered with the renewal after just a year and it is also more affordable.

- After everything is through, you can then make the payment. Note that you only have 10 days to give the payments as if you fail to do so, then your registration will be cancelled and you have to start over again. You also need to review everything before submitting like the spelling and all.

The ASIC site is provided by the government. The site is quite complicated to get through thus there are those who are looking for alternatives. Indeed there are alternative sites that are privately owned but they are accredited by the government of Australia. Thus if you happen to be operating your business in this country, then you can seek these sites out and just register your business through one of them. However, know that the pay will be over the top of the ASIC’s pay of course since that is the legit site. But if you are looking for convenience, then seek for those sites.

How to register your company?