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Using Termite Barriers to keep away White Ants

Sometimes back, repellents were being used as a method to deter termites from gaining entrance to your home. The problem associated with using this old fashioned repellents work by repelling away these termites, but being clever in nature they just look for another entry point. The other problem that emanated from these repellents was they could not be used in transferring toxins in their colonies since they had found a way to avoid them. As a result, there was a need to come up with termite barriers which can be used to target termite without their knowledge and outsmarting them thereby winning the war.

There are a variety of termite barriers that would help you prevent termites like White Ants from gaining access into your home. They are classified as physical or chemical and at time can be used both, depending on an expert advice. In fact, to eradicate pest from your homes completely one would need to use a strategy that would require a mixture of physical termite barriers, chemical application, a baiting system and doing some cleaning on your yard.

Physical barriers

These types of barriers are normally fitted when the house is being built or can be added afterwards. Materials used to make these physical barriers are those that cannot be eaten away by the White Ants such as Metals or crushed rocks. They are normally placed at strategic places of the building such as the foundation, wall cavities or under the concrete slabs.

Another good way to make a physical termite barrier is through sealing up all the holes that are on your roof as well as brickwork in order that termites do not find any entry points. Ant caps can also be placed on top the available stamps to make sure they push termites to a more visible area where they will be detected and dealt with.

Chemical barriers

Chemical termite barriers are very helpful in dealing with termites and White Ants, by placing them under slabs or even foundations when houses are being constructed. It can also be used by placing them on soils where the termites cannot easily avoid it and since they are not easily detectable by termites, and then they will carry them back to their colonies.

There are times when more than one strategy is required, and hence a pest terminator or a pest inspector may advise to combine the two methods as well as recommend a baiting system to monitor termite movement.

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