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Understanding the Project and Design Scope When Building a Home

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Responsible and reliable builders will always ensure that construction progresses on schedule so that there is minimum time loss or risk of budget escalation. But as a customer, you too have a role in play in ensuring that your dream home is completed on time. Always respond promptly to any queries your builder may have or visit site if requested. This is especially applicable when construction has come to a halt till a particular material or item is given the go-ahead by you.

If you delay, the builder will either wait for your approval or go ahead with something which you may not like eventually. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, be in touch with your builder and visit the site of construction to ensure that work is going on as planned.

Be Involved

A home builder will work on the design provided by your architect. Before the actual work starts, it is advisable for both of you to sit together and go over it and understand the basic layout and scope of the design. This way, both of you will be sure of what to do and what to expect. Always talk to your builder immediately if ever you notice any deviation from the original plan. Waiting for the project to be over can result in further expenses and unpleasant arguments with your builder.

Communicate Directly and Regularly with your Builder

It is common for builders to hire subcontractors for specific part of the project. However, it is he who will be ultimately responsible for the entire project and its completion.  That is why you need to talk to your builder directly instead of the subcontractors who will be working on your project.

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