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Understand the Alarming Signs of Your Solicitor

Posted in Lawyers

Your solicitor should keep you informed about all the due dates and hearings of court proceedings. You should be updated about the progress of your case by your solicitor. But, if your solicitor is least interested in informing you, about the court hearings, you should not bear with him.

Negligent Towards Court Proceedings

If your solicitor doesn’t show up in the court hearings on time or miss the due dates, these issues depict not only carelessness, but also lack of seriousness on his/her part.

If you get a notice from the court, regarding the absence of your solicitor on the day of hearing, it can leave a very negative impact on your case. Change your lawyer, before your case becomes too weak to win.

Lack of Quality Work

Despite having all the qualities of ethical lawyer, if your solicitor keep waiting, till the last date of court hearing, to prepare the documents, or he is making a lot of grammatical and typo errors, or he often forgets the details of your case, these surely are not healthy signs.

No Progress

You certainly don’t want to see you engaged in the same case for ages. A stagnant case, not showing any progress is certainly a cause of concern. Ask your solicitors about the reason, why your case is not moving ahead? If you don’t get any convincing answer from him, it’s time to move on to Sydney solicitor, who can win the case for you.