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Types of Waste you Should Avoid Throwing Down Drains

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Installing drains in your kitchen, bathroom, attic and other areas where there is garbage or water outflow can be highly useful in getting rid of the unwanted scraps. This also helps in keeping your trash cans maintained and avoids any kind of overflow. But most of the times people tend to throw certain types of wastes which causes blocked drains. So in case you are unsure of what should not go down the drain, have a quick glance.

Metal chunks

Throwing even small metal objects such as scraps, chunks, bottle caps, blades etc can be a bad obstruction for the drains. If the metal chunks are sharp they may damage or create cracks in the drain and might cause clogging of the drains if too much metal gets piled up. This way your drain might get worn out sooner than you might have expected. To avoid this plumbing issue always make sure you attach a strainer to your drains to avoid clogging.

Greasy substances

Substances which are hot and greasy certainly can easily flow down through the drains with ease when they are in liquid form. But once these substances cool down, they will surely solidify and can be one the main reasons for blocked drains. Also fatty food like butter, cooking oil, spreads may flow down the drain pipe and stick to its walls leaving an unwanted residue.

Ground coffee

Many people cannot start their day without a fresh cup of hot coffee. So it might have become a regular habit for you to strain your coffee and throw the coffee grounds into the drain pipe. But be aware that throwing this waste can actually trap your drain and ultimately lead to blocked drain. Therefore it is always good to throw the coffee grounds in the dustbin or use them to make compost.

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