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Types of Sleeping Positions

Posted in Health & Fitness

Foetal Position – In this the chin is tilted down, knees are drawn up, resulting in a curled up attitude. This is a common bearing and about 41% people around the globe participate in acquiring this posture. These species of people are exteriorly tough but are proven shy. Although a comfortable position, it might as well pose a back or neck malady, problem in breathing and some other associated decrepitude.

Yearner’s Position – In this the arms lie out and a third of the body lies sideways. About 13% population attain this posture, and are considered to be liberal, misanthropic, suspicious, and stubborn as they exhibit decision persistence once commenced.

Soldier Position – About 8% of population follows this pose. Sleepers, who procure this position, lie on their backs with their arms kept close to the rest of their body. This category emphasizes on maintaining their class and is calm and reserved in their approaches. Snoring is prevalent in this and restfulness is comparatively less.

Free fall Position – In this, the stomach lies towards the bed with arms surrounding or beneath the pillow and the face turned in either side. About 7% of human inhabitants follow this. These people are impulsive and extroverted but sensitive about personal criticisms.

Starfish Position – A total of 5% public lie under this category. This allows people to place their back downwards and arms close to either the head or pillow. These individuals are benevolent, good listeners and avoid being centrepiece. However, it results in snoring and impoverished sleeping.

Log Position – An estimated 15% of the population secure this posture. This position adumbrates a sideways posture of sleep with both the arms placed downwards. These people are credulous, complacent, and socialistic personalities.

Professional dentists advice that brushing your teeth before going to bed is so crucial for it will prevent any bacteria build up between your teeth.