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Types of Ski Tubes

Posted in Shopping

A ski tube is a great investment especially if you are one of those water sports lovers who love having the best of everything. Buying one will not be easy though – not only is a ski tube a decided drain on your pocket, there are so many types that unless you are completely aware of what you need you can easily get taken for a ride.

Single Rider Ski Tubes

This is a towable tube that is designed for only a single rider. They use standard level equipments like tow-ropes and harnesses. They are easier to use and more lightweight than other varieties. They are also much more affordable than some of the other ski tubes available in the market. These ski tubes are best for riders who prefer riding alone or who will not be sharing their equipment with others. The lightweight material provides flexibility and is great for experienced riders who can perform tricks and maneuvers.

Multi Rider Ski Tubes

As the name suggests, multi rider ski tubes can easily accommodate multiple riders; from two to six of them. However their size and increased capacity means they are heavier than other varieties and speed is not an option. These ski tubes are the best bet for large groups or families who want to take a slow leisure filled ride together. However, it is very important to use heavy duty equipment like tow ropes and harnesses on these tubes for safety reasons.