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Types of Road Markings and Lines

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Road marking is an easy and cost effective way of directing the traffic. Concrete Road Marking guides the traffic, without any physical guidance. The traffic gets to know where to move, where to stop, where to slow down and from where to take a turn etc. from road markings.

Double White Lines

Double white lines are marked to guide the traffic moving in same direction, and to separate them from the traffic coming from opposite direction. Traffic moving on the road is not supposed to cross the double continuous white lines, marked in the middle of the roads. Continuous white lines are also marked to differentiate parking area, pedestrian and bicycle parking etc.

Single White Line

Single white line drawn on the left side of road indicates no parking. On the contrary, dashed white lines can be crossed by traffic. Double dashed lines in the moving direction of traffic, permit traffic to overtake. Generally, double dashed lines are used in the roads, having multiple lanes.

Double Yellow Lines

Yellow line markings are drawn on the edges of roads, and are used to make an indication of “no standing area”. They are often used in the regions having snow-falls. Yellow lines are used to highlight the lines in snowy weather, to increase the visibility. Double yellow line markings are utilized, to separate the traffic moving in opposite directions from each other.

There are a lot of benefits when you select a professional line making company. In case of a parking lot or roads inside the compound, you may want to do it on your own in order to cut costs; you may think that painting a few lines on the ground is easy. But if you don’t do it in a proper way, you will begin to experience problems you thought would never arise. Qualified and experienced Linemarking is well aware of such problems and take care of them for you.