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Types of Bathtub Shapes

Posted in Home Designs

Oval tubs are meant for much bigger bathrooms and were therefore so considered to be a luxury item. Originally the earliest oval tubs were all made in the clawfoot style and were composed of fiberglass, acrylic or other alternative materials. There were very expensive items in the past though now price has dipped due to the availability of inexpensive construction materials. The main issue with these kinds of tubs is that they require more space and their water consumption needs are much higher. There are many styles of oval clawfoot tubs that you can choose from and some even have attached shower systems.

Classic styles like roll rimed and flat rimed are very much in vogue even today. Slipper tubs are oval in shape but one end is raised creating a slope like effect. The double ended tubs have two round edges where both ends are rounded. Pedestal tubs have now become collectible items as they rest on antique carved pedestals. 

How to shop for unusual shapes

As a homeowner who has definite good taste you may have certain preferences when it comes to choosing bathtub shapes for your bathroom. You could choose an unusual shape like a heart shaped, flower shaped or even a corner styled bath tub provided the look gels with your interior decoration scheme. If you choose to install a walk in bath tub you will be confronted with scores of options in terms of size, shape and texture. It’s good to do a little homework before making your final choice.