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Types of Skip Bins for Hire

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A skip bin hire is a convenient solution for managing waste in a household or a commercial establishment. It is commonly used by construction companies as well. Enlisting the service of a skip bin hire will only require you to sort out waste and then it will be collected and taken away at a regular schedule. Sounds great, right?

However, before you start signing up with one, it’s better to get acquainted with the different types of bins out there. 

Marrel bin

The marrel bin is the easiest to recognise since it is the most widely used. It is often utilised for both commercial and domestic purposes. It generally have higher sides but are shorter in length compared to a hook lift skip. It disposes rubbish by being lifted up and lowered by chains attached to a truck’s hydraulic arms. 

Crane bin 

Commonly used in the construction industry, crane lift bins allow efficient removal of waste and debris in the worksite to be craned away. 

Hooklift bins 

Hooklift bins load rubbish into the truck with the use of a large hydraulic hook that grabs the bin container and rolls it off and on the back of the truck. It’s usually rectangular in shape and have large openings at the rear. Most of the time, it’s used for commercial and industrial waste disposal although some households also use it for large-scale overhauls. 

Mobile skips

The mobile skip is lightweight and easy to manage. It’s a good option for day-to-day rubbish control for homes and offices. Usually, mobile skips are transported on the back of a trailer and operate as a road vehicle. It’s a great way to take all your rubbish to the designated place. 


If you think you might need to start using skips for waste management, start getting in touch with skip bins for hire service today.