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Top Three Venues in Washington for Wedding Celebrations

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The state of Washington is known to be one of the most peaceful places in the United States. Washington has many places that’s truly admiring because you get to see a lot of lakes, forests and mountains, plus the view of the city is also great in this place! It is a great thing that there are some people that just love to promote tourism, and decided to build hotels and other halls in Washington in order for people to have options when it comes to taking a vacation, or any other activity such as getting married. Marriage needs to be as epic as it is because this is a part where two people will exchange vows.

For wedding photographers, they will make sure that they can recommend the best places for couples to get married. So if you live in Washington, or if your client decides to go there for marriage, then make sure to check these top three wedding venues for the perfect – and picture perfect – wedding ever:

Heathman Hotel

This place is known to be one of the most elegant hotels in the state, and is also perfect for wedding purposes due to many reasons! This place has a relaxing ambiance that’s perfect for your big day, and the views of the place are really breathtaking. Photographers love to have this place as the wedding venue starting from pre-nup photos up to the last parts of the wedding event. It’s just that the lake and the creations of nature that surround this classic looking abode will surely melt your heart if mixed with an epic wedding ceremony.

The Harbor Club

This place in Seattle is known to have lots of amazing views of the downtown part of the city. You also get to see the Olympics and a view of an elegant bay. This place makes sure that weddings will become just as epic as most places that have a touch of nature. This wedding venue in the city is perfect during the night, and rest assured that you will be able to take epic wedding photo images that are just as high as the love that your clients have during that moment.

Pan Pacific Hotel

This place in Seattle is also well known because of the excellent service and the simplicity of the place. This is perfect if your client loves a wedding that looks simple, and has the view of the city. The best timing for photoshoots will be the ones in evening because this is where the dazzling lights come out, and that’s perfect with the art that you employ to the pictures!

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