Top Scuba Diving Destinations

Perhaps anyone would love to experience scuba diving and experience the life under the sea. Regardless if you know how to swim or not, is not an issue since you got an oxygen tank for you to breathe underwater. Of course, you still need training in order for you to enjoy such a sport or a hobby. Most people would go out sometimes and try this awesome experience. You can enjoy the marine life and crystal clear water which will never be forgotten for a lifetime. Throughout the world, there are several scuba diving destinations that you and your loved ones will truly be amazed.


In the Caribbean island, the Bimini would be the scuba diving spot for a reason. Because of its crystal clear blue water and its weather condition giving tropical atmosphere for 9 months of the year, you can enjoy the fun and excitement. The water is full of life with beautiful marine lives. The experience is like traveling to another world where you can see corals, fish, and other marine creatures. Oher activities like hiking and extreme driving are also available. You can find hotel accommodations and restaurants with their finest food available. After scuba diving, one way to end the day is by eating fresh seafood and other exotic food you may found in this area.

Great Blue Hole

The great blue hole is not for the fainted heart and amateur scuba divers. It is located on the coast of Belize it is an underwater sinkhole with a measurement of 394 feet deep. The hole was developed when the roof collapses as resulting rising of sea levels. The diving can indeed be very frightening, but with its clear blue water and unique marine life, this once in a lifetime vacation will never be forgotten. Imagine swimming in such a huge sink of the world. Now that’s awesome.

Taveuni Island – Taveuni island resort

It is the sexiest place in Fiji with its dramatic cliff-top ocean views perfect for honeymooners. Of course, this is another spot for scuba diving. It is a romantic place for couples with its breathtaking views. In this tropical paradise, you will not just enjoy the crystal clear blue water when scuba diving, but also you can have some adventure of your own like kayaking, fishing, hiking, rock climbing and beautiful sceneries like the waterfalls and farm. Aside from these accommodations, you can enjoy the Taveuni island resort & spa where you can relax and enjoy the nature at its finest. After the adventure, you can stay in the Taveuni island resort & spa, enjoy your drink and have a nice body spa under the sun. The Taveuni island resorts & spa has its sleek dining room featuring euro-Fijian cuisines you will surely enjoy.