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Tips on Maintaining your Mattress and Preventing it from Getting Spoilt Fast

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Buying mattresses are such an investment for your daily life which brings you the most comfortable and peaceful moment in your regular schedule. It is observed that at least one third of a day is spent for sleeping, so a quality mattress and the maintenance of it is highly required to make you refreshed. It is suggested to keep your mattress clean and maintain so that it will not be spoilt early.

Keep your mattress in the sun at a frequent interval

You must put the mattresses in the sun ray which will definitely help as disinfectant and also dry out the inside material. The underlying materials can be moisture may be due to baby’s nappy leak, or falling of water or juice, coffee or tea or any liquids or any other reasons.

Rotate or change sides of mattresses at least twice a year

If you rotate your mattresses from the side of foot to head within a quarterly gapping period then it will not be sagged down by every day’s pressure at the same place. If you can do it at least twice a year definitely affect your mattresses to be equal at every side or damages evenly.

Keep it clean or vacuum

You must clean every sides and corners of your mattresses by vacuum cleaner though it is covered. After vacuuming just spray a lavender or baking soda before putting it in sun ray. This will not only clean your mattresses but also keep it fresh and smelly while you sleep. But make sure you vacuum the lavender or baking soda.