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Tips on Deciding Between Buying a Jetski or Leasing One

Posted in Finance

Jet skiing is extremely popular all over Australia with enthusiasts of all ages spending hours zooming over the water surface on jet skis and having a lot of fun. In fact jet skiing has become a favourite family water sport as it can be used on rivers, lakes or oceans and can accommodate four people at one time; depending on the size of the water craft. And since jet skiing is so much fun; especially during the summer months, a lot of people are actually going ahead and buying a vehicle instead of leasing one. Easy availability of jet ski loans and affordable repayment terms makes it all the more easier for you to own a jet ski yourself. So which of the two options are better? Should you invest in your very own jet ski or should you just opt for seasonal rentals?

Buying vs Leasing a Jet Ski

Both buying and leasing has their own pros and cons and is suitable for different people with different requirements and situations. Knowing more about these will help you make an informed choice so that you can enjoy your jet ski instead of considering it as a burden.

Leasing a Jet Ski

The first and foremost reason why people opt for leasing is the affordability and convenience. Most people are not regular jetski enthusiasts and enjoy the sport only on occasional vacations or as a special treat. In such a situation, renting a water craft for a few hours is definitely more cost-effective than outright purchase.

Secondly, leasing gives you the option of trying out the sport if you have never done so before. Many reputable rental services offer tutorials specifically for novices so that they can learn the sport and then decide for themselves if they want to continue with it. You too can do so and then decide whether or not to buy your own vehicle.