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Tips on Choosing the Right Size Commercial Fridge

Posted in Hospitality

If you own a business like a bakery or a coffee shop or a restaurant, then definitely you need to buy a commercial fridge, and you know it. Commercial fridges, these days, adorn the storefronts as well, instead of just acting as a food space in the kitchen. For it is one of the most important aspects to bring more customers into the shop, it is essential to have a good commercial fridge at the storefront.

Types of Food Items

You should keep in mind the type of business you are running. If it is a bakery you are running, you need to buy a commercial fridge  and display it at the storefront to showcase your delicious cakes, pastries and other delicacies. Also, it is a selling point to display beverages, water bottles and juices.


Another important thing to consider is the storage. A Cubic feet is the metric. The right size for an average may be around 18 to 25 cubic feet. But if it is a commercial fridge for your business, then you might have to consider a bigger one. The other dimensions to consider are the height and width. If you are planning on displaying your refrigerator at the storefront – and you should – then do consider a bigger one to store and display all your selling products like your special cakes and desserts and wine bottles and the rest.

Also make sure to take into account the size of the doorways and the size of the room you are placing your fridge in. After all, it should enhance the beauty of your store, it shouldn’t look out of place.

The skip bins are to be use to dispose hazardous wastes like components of TV, fridge, cars, asbestos etc.