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5 Tips in Motivating Virtual Office Workers

Posted in Business Technology

Motivating employees is one of your basic responsibilities as a business owner. However, this task becomes more challenging if you are managing personnel in a remote office. Here are some tips to bring out the best in your employees working in virtual offices:  

Make Sure Your Workers Are Valued

Many remote workers lose motivation to work because of lack of contact from their “virtual boss.” Over time, they develop the belief that they are not of lesser value in comparison with the in-house workers. This misconception breeds a lack of trust to the people that hire them remotely. Make sure this will not happen in your virtual office.  

Have Faith in Your Virtual Workers

Like any employee, your remote office staff needs assurance from their boss that they can deliver quality work. This is important in building trust in your remote staff. You can do this by either sending them regular emails and other methods to instill in them that you believe in their capacity to produce quality results.

Provide Positive Feedback

A sincere pat in the back is sometimes a better motivator of personnel than providing them monetary rewards. Aside from recognising their accomplishments, giving your remote staff a compliment can boost their morale. Just make sure to provide this sparingly so as not to boost the ego of your personnel.

Promote Based on Performance

Promoting your workers to a higher position is a great indication that you value the performance of your staff. Aside from the person you’ve promoted, the act of promoting can also act as a challenge to the rest of your virtual workforce to step up their production. 

Visit Your Virtual Office Regularly

While having regular meetings on Skype is a good enough motivator, there’s no alternative to a sincere face-to-face meeting with your remote workers. Your mere presence implies your enhanced concern on the condition of your staff and their work.   

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