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Tips for Seniors on Home Security

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Home security and safety measures do not necessarily only include good security aspects. As senior citizens, you should also keep in mind your health condition and the potential problem it may cause. For instance, if you suffer a mild heart problem, how would your neighbours or family reach you?

It helps to give an external person like a friend, neighbour or family member an extra key so that in case something does happen they can enter the house easily. Furthermore, this also serves well should you go out of town on holiday. If someone has another key, they can regularly come to your house just to check on things.

Do not allow Strangers into the House

Burglars usually spend days, even weeks planning the right move. As seniors living alone you are always at potential threat. As a safety measure, make you sure you check the ID of every mail man, newspaper man or even delivery boy before allowing them into the house.

In fact, always ask the company for details of the person who will come to your home for delivery purposes as an added measure. That will help limit the chance of threats. When you notice someone you are not expecting at the door, avoid opening it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Install Grills

If you live alone and age is catching up with you, protect yourself with grills. Install them around the doors and windows so it will limit break-ins.

These useful tips will help you protect your home and self. Nothing beats security alarms when it comes to home security.

It is advisable to leave all your valuables in a storage facilities.


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