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Tips for effective Team Meetings

Posted in Events

Team meetings are arranged, to accomplish certain objectives, or communicate common messages among all the team members. They are arranged weekly or monthly with various objectives. But most of the team meetings turn into utter disaster, and there are various causes behind futile meetings.

For effective team meetings and team development, there are some vital key points, which should be kept in mind.

Objective of the Meeting

Call the meetings, only when there is a need for them. They should be held with a clear and well- defined objective. All the team members should be informed about the objective of the meeting through email.

Objective of meeting can be anything such as, solving an issue, team building exercises, building relationships, communication of information, sharing of various practices or new technology and others.

Distribute Report

Most of the meetings focus too much on explaining the power point online presentations. Your team members are not interested in them. If you have lengthy data, reports, graphs or statistics, instead of explaining them in the meeting, distribute them to all the team members in advance, at least one week before the meeting. 

Ask all the team members to express their views about the reports in the meeting. Besides saving valuable time, this would make the meetings more result oriented. If any of the members appear without preparation, don’t humiliate him/her in front of everyone. You can speak to him/her after the meeting in person.

Insist on creating candid and fun atmosphere in the meeting, rather than making it dull, serious and commanding.