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Tips for Cleaning Ceramic Tiles Clean

Posted in Construction & Renovation

Tiled floors in kitchens and bathrooms are an excellent choice. Since these are the areas in the house that get wet most often, tiled flooring can be very helpful in providing a sturdy and durable floor materials. It also cuts down on slipperiness and if you have kids or elderly people in the house this can be a big life saver.

Daily floor cleaning tips

Bathroom and kitchens are the two most used areas in the house. They are liable to get dirty daily. The trick is to not let the dirt settle down and form a thick layer of grime that will only be harder to clean later.

Take a broom or vacuum cleaner and clean the dirt off your floors every day. If you make it a daily habit, it won’t be as huge a task as it sounds! Then, take a wet mop and wipe your floors clean. For better results, use hot water.

You can use a little disinfectant in the water as well to keep those germs away. Use a naturally made disinfectant if you can, or try to limit the use of the chemical disinfectant to only a small area as they can be poisonous to kids and pets.

Any spills that might occur should be cleaned up promptly – all it needs is a good wipe.

For mildew in the bathroom use a fifty percent ammonia solution to clean the mildew off the tiles. Make sure you wear adequate protective gear and leave the windows open to let the fumes out. 

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