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Things you should know about the Various Kinds of Printing

Posted in Marketing

Printing has evolved now from the slow meticulous process it was earlier into a fast technological process. Nowadays huge volumes of printed material can be mass produced in very little time. The quality of printing has also undergone vast improvement. If you want to print marketing materials and other documents you can avail of a wide variety of choice along with offset printing.

Discover offset lithography

Offset lithography is one of the most cost effective options in the industry and this is what makes it so popular. It’s possible to print a very high quantity of prints at short notice by this process. The lithography machine is fast and easy to assemble as long as there is no scarcity of printing plates. In this type of printing process the roller plates are first run through water and then dipped in ink. The ink will only stick to areas which have images while water will adhere to the blank surface. The entire set up is pressed to a rubber plate and then stuck on paper. One major disadvantage with this variation of offset printing is that mistakes cannot be easily rectified.

Use engraving printing

90% of company letterhead, stationary and papers are printed using the classic engraving method. The image quality using this printing method comes up to be very attractive and defined. Corporate logos, high class party invites and other decorative materials are used for engraved printing. Engraving printing is quite costly and time consuming.

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