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Things you should discuss with your Video Production Firm before Hiring Them

Posted in Marketing

Videos are a great way to engagingly covey your corporate message to the audience. You can hire creative team to work on these videos, get in touch with a video production company or use free software to create simple videos. Companies specializing in video productions are actually in demand these days – this is because they have experience in quickly understanding the message and conceptualizing the whole process. However, before you finalize and get started with a company, you should discuss a few things in detail.

Business and experience

The first thing is always about the capability of the company to create effective videos. Some might also want video marketing strategies crafted and implemented. You should always discuss such things with the company. Check for their experience, their ability to give suggestions, their business model, culture and whether your company can partner with them long term. Also, discuss about their team, their area of expertise and the ability to come up with new ideas.


Second and one of the most important things you should discuss is the budget. If you don’t have a huge budget for video marketing or video production, check for good companies within your range. See Web Video Brisbane. Discuss the payment terms, pre-payment options and also security of transaction. Discuss about volume and pre-order discounts, about referral discounts if any and other forms of reducing the overall costs.

Your role

Some companies gather less information from you, typically basic information and create videos out of it – while some prefer collecting exhaustive information. Both are good, as long as the end result is up to your expectations. However, it’s important to discuss your role during the video production process. E.g. will you or the concerned person be sitting with the team, or simply follow-up regularly or anything else?

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