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Things You Need To Consider Before Using LED Scrollers In Your Coffee Shops

Posted in Marketing

There is absolutely no problem if you want the LED signs inside the coffee shop. But if it is meant to be on the outside and if you want to attract people who are passing by at a distance, then make sure you consider their viewing distance. Unlike indoor signs that are within everyone’s viewing range, outdoor signs need to be very clear and bright so that passersby have a clear view of your shop. Some experts say that it takes about 8 to 10 seconds before the sign makes an impact on them.

Along with brightness, it is also important to consider the viewing angle of the LED signs as well. Make sure the signs are visible from all angles and sides. Else, it might not grab people’s attention. What’s worse, it may even irritate people’s eyes. The acceptable angle is usually 55 degrees. But then again, it depends on your surroundings. So make your own decision.


There are plenty of advantages of using LED Scrollers in Sunshine Coast. LED signs are not only immensely attractive but also they are highly visible and durable. They can be easily installed and programmed without any hassles. Another important thing to note is that LED signs are visible not only in the night but also during day time.

What’s more, they consume less energy compared to other conventional advertising equipments. Messages appear to be powerful if they are bright, colourful and moving. The text and graphics will easily entice people to come in and take a look. And then, it’s all your show. Serve them your best coffee and they will keep coming back.

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