Things to Do 4 Months Before Your Wedding

When there are only four months left before your big day, you’re going to be preoccupied with doing so many things. If you’re stressed now, don’t worry because it’s going to be worth it. Of course, you need to make the list of what you need to do so you won’t get confused.

The first thing that must be on your list is to schedule hair and makeup artists. You can take a picture of what they did with your face and hair so you can compare the results. You should also choose the songs that will be played during the wedding party and the dinner. It must be a compilation of songs that are a great fit for your wedding’s theme. Of course, both of you must like the songs.

This is also the time when you must purchase your wedding shoes and start fitting dresses. There’s no doubt you’ll want to wear only the best wedding dress for your big day. You can go to various clothing stores and fit clothes until you find the one that best fits you. If you set aside a big budget for your wedding dress, you can have a fashion designer design it for you.

Another thing to do would be to look for a wedding function room. You must consider a lot of factors including its location, service, and the food. During this time, it’s important to make a down payment before your preferred venue gets reserved for your wedding dates.

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