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Things To Consider When Purchasing Film Production Insurance

Posted in Finance


Being a film producer is definitely not an easy task. Well, of course you have so much money as we all know how much money this industry is making every hour. But then again, it also means that you are always dealing with people who are expensive. That is right and if you will become a cause of any injuries to them even the slightest one, they should be well compensated. Take note that first aids are never enough for this kind of people as they are not the kinds to take scars. So, even for just a slight scratch on their skins, a lot of money will already be needed. This is exactly the reason why, it would be wise for a film outfit producer to acquire a film production insurance. Aside from the fact that you are also required by the law to acquire film production insurance, it is also a protection for you actually so that there will be an insurance company to help when accidents will happen.

So, if you are scouting right now to purchase film production insurance, here are some good tips that you might want to check:

- You should allot enough time to organize your film production insurance. Though you might be quite busy in preparation for the film you are about to produce or shoot, still you know very well that you can start that shoot without proper film production insurance as even your hired crew and actors might not work without this. So, this should be part of your first considerations.





- Then consider the people who are working for you. For sure every one of them holds an important role in your film production and if any of them will be injured, then your work will come to a halt.

- You should also consider getting an insurance for your equipments. You see, film production equipments are really undeniably expensive and getting the appropriate insurance for them is again, protection on your part. If by chance something will happen that will leave them damaged, you will not be shouldering the repair or getting a new one alone.

- The bottom line in getting film production insurance is to determine your needs. check out which part of the film production really needs the insurance or you think is more prone to using the insurance. Well, you can be fully covered of course especially that this is not really for a lifetime purpose but for just a short time.

- You must not just consider one insurance company and instead, consider checking out a number of these companies to compare notes. However, when comparing notes, make sure that they are in similar categories.

Yes, getting film production insurance is indeed the best option you can have to protect yourself against possible losses while the project is still going on. As there are times when no matter how much you try to be careful, you still end up with the fate you are scared the most, at least there is an insurance company that can assist you.