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Things to Consider When Buying a Battery Charger for Forklifts

Posted in Shopping

Your forklift fleet will only run if you charge their batteries well. One thing which will determine the efficiency and workability of your fleet is the kind of battery charger you purchase. Obviously you would want your forklifts to have enough fuel at the starting of each shift. There are several things you can consider to ensure that you choose the perfect forklift charger for your vehicles.

Use the same vendor

Different vendors are bound to have quality compatibility issues so make sure that you don’t change vendors too often. It’s a good idea to source the battery and the charger from the same vendor. When there is a running issue with either of them you can approach your vendor for support. You will save on a lot of time and hassle this way. There is no way a particular vendor can escape providing good after sales service if all items are sourced from him.

Use the services of a technician

Forklifts are complicated commercial heavy vehicles and you need to find out perfectly matched chargers for them. If you buy a charger which is incompatible with your battery you will run the risk of facing great damage to the battery. The company providing the batteries should send along an able technician to properly check the compatibility between forklift and battery. If a trained technician is not used then again the overall life of your forklift is likely to be shortened. 


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