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Things that are Not Allowed to Store in Storage Facility

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There are a few things which cannot be included in the self storage. Each storage facility has its own specifications and restrictions on the things they can allow to store. This is to ensure safety of not only you and your things but also the safety of the staff working for the self-storage facility.

You also cannot store vehicles which are not registered or insured. Apart from this most of them also do not allow storage of old tires as they cannot be disposed easily.

Perishable things that are not allowed in self-storage.

Though it is very convenient to store medical supplies and pharmaceutical supplies and equipments in a self-storage facility as you can ensure their safety and also can keep them organized, you cannot store highly reactive things like radioactive equipment or supplies with traces of radioactive material. Perishable food items also cannot be stored here like dairy products, meat, cereals or vegetables and fruits as they can get spoilt easily and also can lead to infestation by pests. However, you can store canned food items.

It is quite obvious that you also cannot store animals or plants as they might die due to lack of food. It is also not possible to store dead or biological specimens of these. Moreover, self-storage facilities are not a place where stolen or illegal things can be kept safe. It is important to declare all the items and belongings to be store here to avoid any kind of legal complications to you or to the facility.