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The Most Important Secrets of Professional Painters

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Professional painters have the experience in painting different surfaces. Because of this, they know the techniques that will make the job easy. Professional painters each have their own methods, but there are secrets that these people share. Here are some of them:

1. Start by smoothing the surface. To have a perfect result, it is necessary to sand away the flaws of the surface to be painted. Professional painters say sandpaper can flatten creases, bumps, and rough spots. Sanding should be done from the baseboard moving towards the ceiling.

2. Tinted primers are indispensable. Professional painters use joint compounds to fill holes and cracks. The problem is, they can absorb moisture from the paint. To keep this from happening, professional painters use tinted primers before applying the actual paint. They prefer tinted primers as they do a better job of covering old paint than the white primer.

3. Use paint conditioners. Paint conditioners will make the painting brush strokes less visible. Paint conditioners are especially necessary when painting over cabinets, doors, and woodworks.

4. Cover the floor with canvas cloths while painting. Painters know exactly what to use to keep wet paint from your shoes. Canvas cloths can absorb paint splatters better than plastics and other types of cloth. They are also not slippery so accidents are prevented.

5. Mix smaller cans of paint in a bigger bucket. Have you noticed how some cans of supposedly the same shade of paint contain obviously different shades? You can make sure that your wall will have uniform color by mixing the paint from the smaller cans in a bigger bucket.

6. Never work on dirty walls. Paint will not stick to dirty surfaces. You will need a powerful degreaser to keep grease away from the surface you are going to apply paint on.

7. Choose quality paint. You will actually save some money if you buy quality paint. They are stain-resistant so you will not need to repaint as often.

These are just a few secrets professional painters keep. If you think you are ready to do some painting on your own, these will surely come in handy. If not, you can always find professional painters to do the job for you.