The Healing Hands Of Spiritual Energy

The whole universe is a big network of energy with all things around us radiating energy. The human body itself is a powerhouse of energy and the energy within our body needs to be properly balanced in order to promote the physical and mental well-being of man. The proper balancing of energy in a human body can lead to the healing of physical as well as mental diseases. This process of healing by controlling the flow of divine energy in a human body is referred to as Spiritual Energy Healing, the roots of which can traced to ancient medical practitioners. This practice is done with the help of a healer.

This alternative medicine for curing illness is found across many cultures. The person undergoing this spiritual treatment should believe in the process and the existence of divine energy. The spirit of the person does not need any healing but it is the mind which must be cured with the help of Spiritual energy healing. A good mental state reflects upon the body and ensures physical well-being. There are many methods for Spiritual healing; the hands-on approach which requires physical touch between the person who needs to be cured and the practitioner, the hands-free approach which manipulates the energy without physical contact and distance healing where the patient will not be in the vicinity of the healer. Spiritual energy healing can be effective only with the help of a good healer and a believing mind. The healer draws divine energy and then transfers the energy to the affected soul. The patient should be comfortable with the healer and should be receptive to gain the energy which is transferred from the healer to the person. A powerful healer and a receptive patient can combat any serious disease with the power of divine energy.

The primary source of energy healing techniques is God. He is the ultimate source of all energy and life. The divine energy is first transferred from higher spiritual powers to the healer and then from the healer to the patient. Different religions across the world believes in the power of divine energy to cure ailments. The process basically cleanses the mind and body and channelizes energy to the affected part of the body. All the organs affected by the ailments are strengthened through the divine healing. Although, scientifically unproven, the millions of patients cured by this procedure stands testimony to the effectiveness of this type of healing using the power of divine energy.