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The Effects of Tree Removal

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Tree removal Adelaide refers to partial or total removal, either by cutting or by burning the wooden plants on a certain area. Let us find out what effects this can have on the environment.

Tree removal is, in some cases, useful because the respective surface can then be used for other purposes, such as agriculture, grazing or construction. Additionally, the timber resulting from the cutting is very useful in many industries. The problems arise when deforestation lacks sustainability.

Tree removal, on a massive scale, leads to the deterioration of soil quality and although the forests still cover 30% of the planet’s surface, each year 75,000 km² of forests disappears. The rate of deforestation is high in the tropics and if drastic measures will not be taken, the specialists expect that the tropical forests will disappear completely in up to 100 years. Though, not all deforestation is made intentionally, some are caused by forest fires or overgrazing which prevents the growth of the shoots.

Among the negative effects of tree removal is the destruction of millions of flora and fauna species. About 70% of the plants and animals are living in the forests, and most do not survive the destruction of their homes.

Trees have an important role in absorbing greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. The fewer forests, the more gases enter the atmosphere and increase the speed and the severity of the greenhouse effect. Also, the lack of trees leads to big changes in temperatures, which are harmful to the plants and animals from the area.

Forest soil is moist, and removing trees that block sunlight, causes it to dry rapidly. Trees help in perpetuating the water cycle. By destroying the forests, huge imbalances are created, changing the regime of rainfall and reaching drought, so it often ends up in arid deforested areas.

Other negative effects include soil erosion, the occurrence of landslides and changes in the movement of air currents.

The quickest solution to all problems would to stop tree removal, but the realities of our world (industrial, financial, human) show that something like this can’t happen. A solution that may work is to have a more careful management system of forest resources. Tree removal should be done in a sustainable way, replacing the cut trees with the new ones.

In recent years, the rate of deforestation has decreased a little, and several countries around the world have initiated reforestation projects, but deforestation still remain a problem.